About Mark Eberman

I'm an interaction designer/UX architect, with a background in web programming, project management, cycling, cooking and homebrewing.

What I’m About

I’ve been in the web business a long time. And before that I was in design management. I’ve had a lot of roles: graphic designer, developer, UX architect, manager and director. For the last few years, I’ve been in “maker” roles, as a developer and UX architect. I’m good at those things, and I like doing them. But the longer I spend as a maker, the more I realize that without a solid manager, makers struggle to do their best work, and projects suffer.

I’ve spent several years wrestling with the idea of management. I’m really good at it. My skills and way of looking at problems and businesses make me a strong but empathetic manager. I often liken it to having some kind of superpower–and like many superheroes, I’ve been ambivalent about my powers because they come with so much responsibility. And also like those reluctant members of the cape-and-tights set, I’ve tried to ignore or avoid my powers and in the process have seen good people suffer, people I could have helped.

Maybe the superpowers thing overstates or overdramatizes. I can admit to that possibility. But what it comes down to is that I’ve realized that if you are good–really good–at anything, and want to make the strongest positive impact you can, you have to step up and grab hold of the responsibility that comes with your strength.

So my goal now is to honor my management superpower, and use it for good. If you’re looking for a strong, committed manager for your technology product, project or web business, let’s talk.